I Empower Talent to Build DREAM TEAMS

As a transformative manager and servant leader, I elevate design teams by fostering a culture of collaboration, empowering design and research talent, and effectively integrating design thinking and human-centered design methodologies into business strategies and digital product development.

See examples of my past work below to learn more about my background, and let's work together to turn your dreams into reality!


Amazon Explore

2017 - 2018
Improving user satisfaction by creating a top-notch guide interface

Star Wars Holocron

Amazon + Disney
Product Design Concept

Boston Children's Hospital
2021 -2023
Streamlining production with an atomic design system

Photo Agent

Amazon Game Studios
2012 - 2013
The game project that laid the groundwork for a new game studio


Erik is an exceptional design leader... His empathetic approach fosters a supportive environment where individuals feel valued and inspired to give their best... Erik's outstanding leadership skills are evident in his clear guidance, vision, and the positive, collaborative atmosphere he creates. He encourages creativity by fostering an environment where the team not only meets but exceeds expectations. Erik's genuine care shines through his encouragement of team members to review and provide constructive feedback, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported. For any team or project fortunate enough to have Erik, success is not only guaranteed but also a nurturing and empowering experience for every individual involved.

- Liliana Troy, Senior UX Researcher, NextGen Healthcare (2024)

Amazing manager. Erik is very hands-on, patient, and provides so much detailed advice to those he mentors. From the very beginning, he met daily with my coworker and me to train us on all the techniques that he learned from working at previous highly successful companies. He coached us not only on how to setup an exercise and ask the right questions, but also on how to anticipate risks and inequities associated with any project. He trained us to think globally and holistically, and to use design thinking in each initiative we undertook. In addition to giving us the tools to succeed, he also included a personal touch of connecting with us as people... I've grown so much from working with Erik and will always cherish my time working with him!

- Heidi Hang, Senior UX Researcher, NextGen Healthcare (2024)

I worked with Erik on the leadership team for our company’s design group. Erik is a true leader who shows great initiative and drive to get things done. As a co-leader, he’s a pleasure to collaborate with and someone whose input and opinions I valued on a regular basis. We all appreciated his integrity and his desire to make our team and our department better, and he comes with a very high recommendation.

- Robert Kingslyn, Product Design Manager, NextGen Healthcare (2024)

Erik is such a talented and creative professional. He is open-minded and customer centric. My distributor in Japan appreciated very much that Erik reached out to listen to their feedback and take their feedback into new SW order process design. As a colleague Erik is super friendly and caring, he is very compassionate and keen to contribute and support the community. It’s been a great pleasure to get to know Erik at work!

- Tracy Zheng, Channel & Distribution Manager, SMART Technologies (2020)

Erik was an outstanding UX Designer in our organization. He has the right UX process to engage partner teams, communicate effectively, and provide a great solution - always thinking about the final user. Erik is very passionate about his work and always ready to jump in and solve complex and ambiguous problems. I would recommend Erik and I hope to work with him again!

- Celso Gomes, UX Manager, Amazon Explore (2017)

We were struggling (failing) to design a UX per JeffB’s guidance…Erik jumped in and embraced our project (ownership). He dove deep to understand what we needed, brought new ideas to the table (invent and simplify), and kept a strong sense of customer obsession while exploring new UX to fit the requirements. Erik delivered a concept, UX wireframes, a click through Axure experience, and substantial underlying logic and foundational information to get us back on track. He did all this in under 2 weeks! I was very impressed both with the work and the way Erik approached it. Erik certainly raised the bar on many dimensions!

- Cory Toedebush, Project Manager, Amazon Giveaway (2015)

Erik is an extraordinarily talented UI/UX designer and was instrumental in helping Amazon Game Studios launch 4 games in 4 months. He’s among the first to volunteer to help others and you can always count on him to do his best work no matter what the task is. Erik always goes above and beyond, in an absolutely grand fashion. I endorse his professionalism, work ethic and skills 110%.

- Allen Wu, User Acquisition Lead, Amazon Game Studios (2015)

How the Gaming Industry Shaped My Design Career

As I reflect on the early days of my UX design career, I remember asking myself "How do I plan on remaining relevant as a designer throughout the rest of my career?" To achieve this goal, I knew I needed to understand what would engage my audiences in the future. This led me to a powerful guiding principle: To understand the tools of tomorrow, you have to understand the toys of today.

With that motto in mind, I began seeking out opportunities in the gaming industry where I discovered a world of innovation that constantly pushed the boundaries of technology and user experience design. By immersing myself in this world, I gained invaluable insights into what drives player engagement and developed the skills to craft exceptional experiences that kept users engaged by prioritizing not only their articulated wants but also their unarticulated human needs.

Through my work, I've been able to create solutions that not only meet business objectives but also provide users with a fulfilling sense of autonomy, mastery, and/or purpose. This knowhow sets me apart from other UX designers and allows me to deliver exceptional results. The insights and skills I've gained through my background in the gaming industry are what truly differentiates me from other UX designers and drives my continued passion for creating incredible user experiences.

My Mission

Fueled by a deep-seated belief in design's power to change the world, my mission is to lead design teams to greatness, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and creativity knows no bounds. As a design manager, I champion the convergence of strategic vision and creative excellence, steering projects that not only resonate deeply with users but also surpass business expectations. My goal is to cultivate a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, assembling 'dream teams' poised to redefine the landscape of digital experiences. I am on the lookout for organizations that are as passionate about harnessing design for positive impact as I am, eager to craft solutions that not only inspire and empower but also leave a lasting imprint on society.



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