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I employ a powerful blend of user engagement techniques and production tactics, honed from my many years in the gaming industry, to craft highly immersive digital experiences. From user needs satisfaction to rapid prototyping and usability testing, my design solutions are centered around driving deep user engagement to achieve aggressive business objectives.

Explore my work below, and let's connect to make your dreams come true!


Amazon Explore

2017 - 2018
Improving user satisfaction by creating a top-notch guide interface

Star Wars Holocron

Amazon + Disney
Product Design Concept

Boston Children's Hospital
2021 -2023
Streamlining production with an atomic design system

Photo Agent

Amazon Game Studios
2012 - 2013
The game project that laid the groundwork for a new game studio


Erik is such a talented and creative professional. He is open-minded and customer centric. My distributor in Japan appreciated very much that Erik reached out to listen to their feedback and take their feedback into new SW order process design. As a colleague Erik is super friendly and caring, he is very compassion and keen to contribute and support the community. It’s been a great pleasure to get to know Erik at work!

- Tracy Zheng, Channel & Distribution Manager, SMART Technologies (2020)

Erik was an outstanding UX Designer in our organization. He has the right UX process to engage partner teams, communicate effectively, and provide a great solution - always thinking about the final user. Erik is very passionate about his work and always ready to jump in and solve complex and ambiguous problems. I would recommend Erik and I hope to work with him again!

- Celso Gomes, UX Manager, Amazon Explore (2017)

We were struggling (failing) to design a UX per JeffB’s guidance…Erik jumped in and embraced our project (ownership). He dove deep to understand what we needed, brought new ideas to the table (invent and simplify), and kept a strong sense of customer obsession while exploring new UX to fit the requirements. Erik delivered a concept, UX wireframes, a click through Axure experience, and substantial underlying logic and foundational information to get us back on track. He did all this in under 2 weeks! I was very impressed both with the work and the way Erik approached it. Erik certainly raised the bar on many dimensions!

- Cory Toedebush, Project Manager, Amazon Giveaway (2015)

Erik is an extraordinarily talented UI/UX designer and was instrumental in helping Amazon Game Studios launch 4 games in 4 months. He’s among the first to volunteer to help others and you can always count on him to do his best work no matter what the task is. Erik always goes above and beyond, in an absolutely grand fashion. I endorse his professionalism, work ethic and skills 110%.

- Allen Wu, User Acquisition Lead, Amazon Game Studios (2015)

How the Gaming Industry Shaped My Design Career

As I reflect on the early days of my UX design career, I remember asking myself "How do I plan on remaining relevant as a designer throughout the rest of my career?" To achieve this goal, I knew I needed to understand what would engage my audiences in the future. This led me to a powerful guiding principle: "To understand the tools of tomorrow, you have to understand the toys of today."

With that motto in mind, I began seeking out opportunities in the gaming industry where I discovered a world of innovation that constantly pushed the boundaries of technology and user experience design. By immersing myself in this world, I gained invaluable insights into what drives player engagement and developed the skills to craft exceptional experiences that kept users engaged by prioritizing not only their articulated wants but also their unarticulated human needs.

Through my work, I've been able to create solutions that not only meet business objectives but also provide users with a fulfilling sense of autonomy, mastery, and/or purpose. This knowhow sets me apart from other UX designers and allows me to deliver exceptional results. The insights and skills I've gained through my background in the gaming industry are what truly differentiates me from other UX designers and drives my continued passion for creating incredible user experiences.

My Mission

I'm passionate about using my creativity and expertise to help organizations make a positive impact on the world. I'm seeking a role where I can utilize my skills to develop innovative and imaginative designs that drive user engagement and achieve ambitious business goals. Whether it's through crafting digital experiences that educate, empower, entertain, heal, or inspire, I'm dedicated to creating solutions that make a meaningful difference in people's lives. I'm excited to join a team that shares my passion for design and is committed to using it to create a better world.



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